What Materials Absorb Essential Oils?

Jane Pak


Looking for new, easy ways to get the most out of your essential oils? Luckily, there are many materials that will help you enjoy your essential oils throughout the day.

  • Wax: Perhaps the most obvious material on this list, wax is great for holding scent. So as to not be too self-evident, we’ll go into more detail. Specifically, paraffin wax should be preferred over soy waxes. This is because of something called “scent throw,” which is the ability of a candle or wax to diffuse the scent. Paraffin requires less heat, meaning it will vaporize quicker and diffuse more scents in less time. If you already have wax melts, tarts or granules check out our range of wax melters in our store.
  • Porous Clay: Really, any clay that is porous enough will do, but terra cotta appears to be the best at absorbing essential oils. Because clay can take many shapes, the possibilities for diffusing are numerous. You can make clay diffusing stones, bowls, or just plain air fresheners. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and the clay will slowly release it throughout the day.
  • Lava Rock: Continuing the theme of natural materials, lava rock is a great, stylish material for absorbing essential oils. While you can make a bowl full of lava rock diffusers, the more stylish option would be to use wearable lava rock beads! In our store, we stock loose lava stone beads which are perfect for both options.
  • Felt Pads: If your vibe is less earthy, felt pad air fresheners can be a softer, lighter alternative to other diffusing methods. Additionally, this material can make for a fun craft day as each of the air fresheners can be customized and personally designed. Also, if you prefer something premade we sell a range of essential oil jewellery bundles including pre-cut felt pads. 
  • Cardboard: Admittedly, this material sounds dull and rather unsightly, but hey, the practicality of it can’t be ignored. Cardboard, specifically the cardboard of tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls, is great at absorbing essential oils. Long day at work? Don’t feel like embarking on a grand crafting spree? Just open the kleenex box, place a few drops on the inside of the cardboard, tape shut, and voila, a cheap diffuser. A few drops on the inside of the toilet paper roll will work as well!
  • Potpourri: You can’t go wrong with a classic. The tried and true potpourri combines the already present scents of the various flowers, herbs, and spices with the powerful aromas of essential oils. Perfectly customizable and easy to assemble, essential oil-infused potpourri will be sure to impress.

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